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Why Choose Our Firm

At Paracha & Paracha we believe in winning and no matter the situation, we are focused on creating a strategy that is suited to the needs of the client and will ensure that any challenge or complexity that may be in the way will be overcome through astute and water-tight legal solutions. It is this customer-focused approach that has earned Paracha & Paracha a reputation as a firm composed of a team of talented Trial and Appellate lawyers who are prepared to battle for their clients in Civil, Criminal, Commercial and Corporate matters.

Our success is based on the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have accumulated through an unblemished and unprecedented experience in dealing with legal issues, negotiation, arbitration and litigation available. We place our services at the disposal of our customers in order to answer all their queries and to lay all their fears to rest. You can be guaranteed that when we take your case, we will hold your hands from the start and will not let go until we have led you through your ordeal and reached a satisfactory conclusion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve objectives while adhering the core value of honor, integrity, objectivity, honesty and credibility. We hold ourselves accountable at all times to strive for the rule of law and for achieving the truth and fair justice with all honesty and credibility to the best of our abilities.

We strive to defend and uphold the honor of our profession by adopting the highest degree of professionalism, craftsmanship and the preservation of our valued client’s secrets. We also communicate the latest developments regarding their issues and help them to choose the best available option. Our value-added services make us the top choice.


At ‘Paracha & Paracha’ we believe that the distinguishing characteristic of an exemplary society is the degree to which its members are able to conduct their day to day activities in an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and open expression. The key ingredient in order to ensure that is the presence of a clearly defined Law that guarantees the safety and safeguard of all, irrespective of their beliefs and creed.
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