Practice Areas

Commercial and Banking

GROUP Commercial lending is an important area of practice for us. Although our expertise covers the spectrum of commercial lending transactions, the bulk of our work falls into two areas.One representation of banks, insurance companies and other clients that lend money and two, representation of businesses and individuals that borrow regularly.

Corporate & Securities

Corporate law is the medium in which predominately all of our firm’s practice is based. We advise closely held businesses as well as publicly traded corporations in a wide variety of areas. We serve the needs of growing businesses and the venture capital and investment banking firms that provide them with capital.

(National & International)

We handle virtually all kinds of civil, criminal and commercial litigation at the administrative, trial court and appellate levels, as well as through the various channels of alternative dispute resolution. We practice regularly in all provincial trial Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. We all so manage litigation in international jurisdiction in collaboration with law firms in those jurisdictions

Regulatory and Administrative Law

We regularly practice before administrative agencies and commissions at the federal, provincial and local level. We have experience with licensing, permitting, compliance, enforcement, rulemaking, zoning, land use and other regulatory issues.


Over a period of time we have realized that in order to provide a legal structure to a transaction, the same has to be supported by the financial aspect of the transaction to make it a one window viable solution. For this purpose, firm has in recent past hired services of financial consultants to provide the clients a structure which is both legally and financially tenable. Our Advisory and Transaction group combines expertise of both legal experts and financial experts to structure a tailor made transaction keeping in view the requirements of the Clients.

Constitutional & Public Interest

Every individual and business has rights under the constitution and they have an inherent right to enjoy the constitutional securities and rights. However, at times these are violated and we make available our expertise and services in ensuring that constitutional rights are protected and enforced. In addition to the matters relating to the Constitution of Pakistan we also advise on matters relating to constitutions of public and private institutions.


We have experts who can deal with your needs, as they are fully aware of the technical as well as legal complications in the field of intellectual property. As the use and importance of technology in businesses is growing, the protection of the technology is becoming essential. We help in drafting agreements and contractual restrictions on use of confidential information by employees, outside consultants or other third parties. We also help in licensing the use of trade secrets, patents, trademarks and copyrights. We also provide assistance in registration of copyrights and trademarks
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